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of that child. give. advocate. volunteer. live. united. join your favorite nfl players. take the pledge. go to
, and you know it's been the year of the smart phone, and as we are glued of course to nfl on fox for the playoffs, wouldn't it be nice to watch the game on the phone while waiting in line to pick up the food? we are with the man who will make it happen live at las vegas in the consumer electronics, show, liz? >> no football game looks good on any phone if it was all smudged up. i want to show you these. these are to gears. ceo of verizon, how many of you have nasty screens? okay, what is on here? fungus? it's growing on the verizon's ceo screen here. take this little thing, and this front part is the part that cleans the phone, okay? it cleans it, the backside polishes it. okay, now it's all better now. >> all right, thank you. >> all better. ceo of verizon gets special treatment. the keynote announcement, this afternoon -- >> right. >> is going to be the -- i'll watch any nfl game on my phone which is quite impressive. tell us about the deal, and, in fact, it's so important that roger is coming in for it. >> we're pleased roger joins us in the middle of the playoffs. we develope
into the future. also, coming up, tim tebow. when this guy, the heisman trophy winner in the nfl quarterback, everyone drops to their knees and does that tebow thing. we will speak to him about how money endorsement request he gets a year. yes, do not worry, i will ask him where his next team maybe if he leaves the jets. a lot of people said he would. i heart competition. we will be asking about bona fide, groupon, there is so many groups out there. incredible competition. let's take a look at this rally that we have. not bad at all. take a look at the dow jones industrials. the height of the session has been at 80%. the s&p 500 has pulled back. highs the session of about seven points. pulling back just a little bit in the last hour. boeing, it is moving higher by about 3%. this after it fell yesterday after concerns of an incident with a 787. boeing today moving up. and executive coming out with some comments saying that these problems are typical. it is really no big deal. we reassure you everything is under control. hewlett-packard is moving. that stock has surprised a lot of people over
the nfl and the weekend you might be wondering some of these names. i don't know. >> it's america. name whenever you want. >> that is the freedom. and that was approved. >> it was approved. >> no lawsuit behind that one. melissa: all right. well, ever been in error -- really hairy brakup situation? and new zealand all decided to make the best of her break up and cash in on her boyfriend secrets. she put his secret fishing spot up for sale on the internet. she actually got 90,000 hits and made a 3,000 box. you go. i love this. >> hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. i want to know the purpose of the breup because it had to be pretty bad break up. he, of course, every man is a fault. no, i'm kidding. >> women are always right. always right. >> i want to know what he did to deserve this. he must have done something. melissa: seabrook up with her. that's enough. >> when was supposed to be going and whether he was going fishing. that's what happened. you see that. the payback is among give away all of your little secrets. an enterprising woman indeed. melissa: golf clubs. this is giving
. for the life of that child. give. advocate. volunteer. live. united. join your favorite nfl players. take the pledge. go to gerr brace yourself. the fiscal fist fight in washington has only just begun. what this means gerri: how you glad the fiscal cliff is over? i have to tell you, more of the same to come. kent ratiol wrangling, likely more rate -- name-calling, pushing the decision making to th24th hour and beond. here's the calendar of events. sequestration. this is that 600 billion in tax cuts in the defense department. congress was supposed to decide what to do about the linacs, but it has not done anything at all except the can down the road for another to months. spec that conversation to kick into gear late next month. and then the debt ceiling. democrats won permission to spend more money in march. congress has the constitutional authority to set our debt ceiling and has agreed to raise it. watch for a big fight as republicans try to institute some sort of fiscal sense that democrats resist. the big events, but there is another one that happened today that congres
a difference in the life of a child. suit up like your favorite nfl players, and become a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor with united way. c'mon0manp just do it,quick.ú no one's watchingp you0have to if you want to hang with0us ♪musicú good job neil: well, off the cliff. and to hear my small business buddies tell it, maybe into the abyss. you remember. ourselves of the earth real business, real folks to know the real score better than anyone i know, certainly better than i know. i love having them on to monitor things in this economy and to keep things real in this country because rather than the politicians making the rules and the laws, if you think about it, these are the guys to have to deal with the consequences of those rules and laws, and it's a brand new year with lots a rand new rules and laws in texas. let's just say the small business folks have some very big, big worries. i do that because you will always be in place and in my memory does the a woman who argues with no less than the president of the united states risking the wrath of these very severe looking secret servi
are the rights fees, you saw nfl negotiated 10 year deal after a labor agreement a couple years ago. the rights fees for the games are ex orb tan they have to make up the money in the super bowl and play-off, each network is in the rotation every year, they have to make it up here. >> you know advertisers don't have to sign up for this, why do they? >> they want to get in front of 130 to 150 million people and those eyeballs, everyone talks about it they score the advertisements they talk about it over the water cooler for days, they have a life of their own, they go to the internet, a lot of people who are casual fans do not know a lot about football, they want to join the party, and many just want to see the commercials it has become an event in itself. neil: is there an indicator for all of the big spending ahead of a super bowl? >> it is every year will be bigger than activity last year. the super bowl overtime is getting more important, more people are watching and the price is going up each year. this is so important for advertisers, that is why they are in it. they have nowhere else to g
associates. what first do you do, you represent players in the nfl, is that correct? >> that is correct. an agency out of new york city and represent new york players. sandra: how are these bowl games, it is taking place in miami tonight, bu puts the schos on the big screen prime time, what does it do for the school itself, do you feel? >> it will bring a tremendous amount of revenue to each program. alabama and notre dame two historic programs and powerhouses in college football. and each school walks away between 22-$24 million. ashley: it does a lot for the area the game is hosted. in miami that hosted the orange bowl. what sort of impact will the city of miami see from this? >> you will see hospitality and tourism industries achieve record numbers over the past weekend, past few days. they will be raking it in, hotels, restaurants. the orange bowl with no disrespect to illinois was less than marquee matchup to this area. sandra: that is northern illinois university, obviously a lot of people had an issue or took issue with the fact they made it to the orange bowl over arguably much
your favorite nfl players. take the pledge. go to geo♪ . melissa: prepare for an advertising blitz this year's super bowl. companies are shelling out top dollar for a chance to run an ad during the big game. the price of a 30 second commercial hit a record high of $4 million. that is whopping $133,000 a second. we love math here. but not all of the ads come out winners. here is one last year that ranks up there as one of the worst. ♪ . >> that's my confidence. it has been coming out of me ever since i went on i compared gas mileage using their side by side comparison tool. this one would be great. ♪ . >> i'll get the key. melissa: what were they thinking? how do you avoid a multimillion-dollar mishap like that one? we have ricker is rohn, branding expert and new york yankees public relations manager. am i alone? i thought that was really painful. >> you're not alone because the ad index, "usa today"'s super bowl commercial index rated that very low, but the funny thing about super bowl commercials, one year later you just showed it again. they
with nfl wild-card games. the big decision games that could the team's in the playoffs actually have an impact on a publicly traded company? billings consumed at restaurants like buffalo wild swings to yes, stuffing their faces with wings. we have our g3, tom grady, peyton manning, they all love wings. joining us now in a fox business exclusive of wildlings ceo and president. this is your super bowl. all you have to do is look at the fed you very of the past two years. you have double digit percentage moves in the stock two years in a row. and so will it be a third do you think? make a guess. >> i would like to think so. i know one thing that will set a record for the number of boeing's eden, last year seven and a half million. this year with 100 more locations, my guess is we will pass the 8 million marks. liz: okay. that is -- that is a good talk. i'm guessing you are absolutely probably right. we have seen a little bit of a pullback in the past three months on the stock, but maybe that is a waiting for that big move because we started to turn up. today your having a nice move, but
in the country. obviously the nfl is first. dem of course gras 18 to 24 which is important for the advertisers. 18 to 24-year-olds are predominantly college fans as opposed to baseball fans that skew much older. lori: you have four brands, toe seat toes, vizio, which rotate sponsorship the title game. >> right. lori: $10 million, discover is this year's sponsor. what is the projected take for them. >> somewhere around there. tonight will be very interesting. there are prognostications this might set a record for the all-time rating record for a college football championship fame. that will be really hard to overcome. we're looking 35.6 million people. need more people than that to tune in. but here's the thing. is that because of those numbers and because of the projections, there are, the future for the bcs in two years, they're going to have a four-team playoff system. that will be an estimated $470 million annually spread out around all the conferences. that is over double than what bcs is bringing in right now. lori: potential college students in high school need to look at this and use it
of their full ride scholarship, how about a stipend? that is the proposal? nfl agent eugene lee joins us as he often does to comment on football and occasionally sports too. welcome back. this is a proposal and it will be a stipend. i don't know how much better is a limited stipend like spending money. you approve? >> i approve 100%. the student athletes, a lot of which come from lower-income background are generating huge revenue for schools, the estimated payout from a title game on monday which included my alma mater was $44 million to $48 million between notre dame and alabama. stuart: it would be split between notre dame and crimson tide alabama? they won. they split that money and you are saying there's such huge amounts of money involved at least some of its should go to the players in the form of a form of pay. you approve of this? >> i do. stuart: is a limited thing, it is a stipend. doesn't amount to a couple million-a-year. >> spending money. the argument goes the demand of being a student athlete in a high revenue generating sport like football or basketball you don't have time wit
. yum, as the nfl playoffs about to get underway. "countdown to the closing bell" is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ] ...yoll bust your brain box. ♪ all onhinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪
in the country. at least one rivals the value of an nfl team. we will tell you about the tops and do not. connell: first, some winners on the nasdaq today. we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd likthe help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with ever personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected. connell: notre dame goes into the championship game tonight ranked number one in the nation. they are not at the top when it comes to value. texas longhorns topped the list. $761 million in value. this was put together by a professor in indiana. they point to the sale of the jacksonville jaguars. the team sold for 760 billion. texas is "worried that." alabama makes the list ranked number eight in value. dagen: michigan moved into the second place spot with a valuation. connell: they actually return a profit as an athletic program which is surprising to a lot of
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)